Need talent for your play, radio spot, TV commercial or short film, or TV show?  We can help you produce them, with a growing network of professionals. From Actor, to Camera Operators, to Press Coordinator.  You just let us know.

acting coaching

Does your talent need help? We offer consulting for talent to how to proper present the message. Proper training to make the idea a reality. We offer courses on Casting Preparation and how to handle yourself in a public speaking setting and on camera or voice overs.

Casting direction/talent

Need help in getting the talent required for your publicity campaign? Need to find Talent for your production? Here we are!! We can do that too!  Give us a call!!

Branding/ image/ Logo

need to create your business's image?, does your business needs a Logo? or simply refresh your business or institution's image? We can provide you with a team of professionals that will take your brand up the next level.